Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Keepin' It Real

Never thought a Chinese Bistro Franchise would have such a profound effect on my life. Not the place itself, but what it has so nicely represented. This place has managed to personify everything that is wrong about society.

Offense #1 Hello Hypocrite

I want to applaud you on your ability to say one thing, but do another. Did you think I wasn't listening? Hello.....I'm not stupid, it didn't take me long to realize that you were full of shit. Remember that message that you drilled into my head for five fucking days? Well I do, "We are truly glad you are here, and we will do everything we can to make you want to come back." Well during one of my days in training, I had the chance to take a few tables on my own.

Table 1, Two Ladies
Loved me, told me I was "sooo nice". It was their first time there, and they assured me they would be back, and wanted me as their server. They were shocked when I told them I was a trainee. "Well you did a wonderful job" They told me. There is your GD message in a nutshell.

Table 2, A Young Couple
The man pulled me aside and said, "I know you are training, but I want you to have this." He handed me a ten dollar bill, which I told him I could not accept because I was not to take tips while training. He told me that he would take care of my training server, but that it was extra for me. Obviously I helped make his dining experience a good one, otherwise why would he have bothered? Provocative, I know.

So basically you can take your message and shove it, because if you can't believe in it, then neither can I.

Offense # 2 Communication? Not in this joint.

It is pretty pathetic when those in authority do not have the balls to communicate any information to their employees. Guess that's what you get when you assume a little girl can handle the responsibility of an adult. Management isn't for everyone sweetheart, I'm looking your way.

Offense # 3 When the Boss is Away the Douchelords Will Play

Way to wait til the Big Guy left town to begin your subtle yet disgustingly apparent attempt to faze me out. See, what you didn't know about me is that I do not deal well with bullshit, and I will make it known to anyone who will listen just how much you are lacking in the spine department. Don't make the Big Guy take care of your dirty work when he comes back from vacay. Pathetic display of "authority" (using the term very loosely).

Offense # 4 Blood, Sweat and Tears, Literally?

I was not aware that bloodshed was a requirement to work at your establishment. I mean I was given a set of criteria, and I met all of the qualifications. Then I heard a colleage of mine accidentally cut herself on a corkscrew during her test, yet she still passed. I didn't know that you wanted me to bleed into your wine bottle before serving it. It could have been arranged, I just didn't get the memo.

Offense # 5 Whose House is This?

When I heard some feedback (that was given at a completely useless juncture in my training) I knew who it came from. I knew by the words used, you didn't need to mention any names. I find it funny that a fellow server's opinion can affect management so much. I thought management managed the place, not a little old waitress girl. So it made me ask, who is running this joint? Because I was clearly misled. I was under the impression that those in authority, actually had some. "Consolidate" =Eff off. You think you're cool because you just used a fancy word for multi-tasking....Bravo.

Offense # 6 Wasting My Time

You told me what I needed to do to pass your test. I did it. You told me to come back for one more day before I could be on my own. I came back. You then took away my shifts without even a word or a reason. I then called, and was informed I had to wait until the big guy came back from vacation. There was your first problem, he's on vacation, what insight could he offer? He wasn't even there to see what happened. Why make him do your dirty work? So I show up and talk to him, drive all the way there for nothing. I still do not get a straight answer. I get a speeding ticket on my way home. Then I call back, like I was supposed to several hours later. Then I call back again. Finally I get a bullshit answer. Pretty much without any real explanation, or justification "We're gonna pass." A.) I'm a person, using the term "Pass" is slightly disrespectful, especially after wasting two weeks of my life, and doing nothing but what I was supposed to do. Sorry that my good attitude was too much for you to handle. Sorry that you could never communicate any sort of problem for me to work on. Isn't that why you have people write reviews? Shouldn't they be used for good instead of evil. Being set up for failure is not a favorite pastime of mine. Weird, I know.
B.) Yeah right. As if I was just going to say "Okie dokie" and hang up.

Offense # 7 Jerking Me Around

"Train one more day, and you will be fine".........Then I was secretly removed from the schedule without notice or reason.....Then you tell me to call on Monday when he comes back.......Then you tell me to call later........Then you attempt to let me go, nice try.......Then you feel bad and say give me til Thursday. What's the point? It will be more of the same. What they told you before is what they will tell you three days from now. I mean no disrespect to you Big Guy, but can't say the same for your two minions. How unfortunate that these people misrepresent you. Why is it so hard to get a straight answer around here?

Believe it or not, I am an extremely reasonable human being....but everyone has their point. I would never slander for no reason. I just could not believe this place. I can recall two instances in my life where I was treated extremely unfairly. Well, you have made it three.

So there it is, everything I hate personified. I hate dishonesty. I hate disrespect. I hate people who are too sheepish to be honest with one another. I hate insincerity. I hate hypocrits. I hate bullshit. I hate adults who act like children. I hate unfairness. I hate injustice. I hate that anyone can say whatever they want, and it is accepted as truth. I hate phonies. I hate when professional situations get personal. I hate when people pretend to have beliefs and/or convictions. I hate when something just is NOT right. I hate wasting my time. I hate when people fuck with me.

Please do not flatter yourself. I am not writing this because I'm sad that you didn't like me. I'm writing this because your establishment has represented everything that is wrong with our society. Basically it is a dishonest world we live in, and most people are too chicken shit to keep it real. Well, way to fit in! Congrats on being full of shit.

I graduated from DePaul University..... So what a joke it is that I didn't graduate from your establishment. You can have your BokChoy.....Believe me I don't need it.

(Views (though true in my opinion) are mine and do not reflect that of my place of employment)

Look how compliant I am, even though I am righteously pissed.


  1. love you comments, my wife is going through similar experience now.

  2. I was laid off from my job and needed something to fill the days while looking for another so I started at the same restaurant. I just quit last night because I took another job but wow, did I hate that place. That being said, I think it is your attitude that killed it. If you really passed their written test and were as good as you claim, they wouldn't have let you go.

    I worked with the most negative, lazy, retarded people but yet they still all had jobs. Your comments about blood and stuff really drive the point home that your attitude sucks. So she cut herself, why not pass her? They didn't tell her to cut herself and I'm sure she wont do that again. If she didn't get it on the bottle and covered it up well, more power to her.

    As for the waitress telling management they dont like you, again a sign and this is how most of the food service industry is. Working at a few restaurants in college, you quickly learn the whole restaurant has hooked up with each other and the managers want to hook up with the staff that are younger, cuter, etc so these problems are common.

    If I were you, I would look for another industry and never look back. PF's was def a harder place to work then some restaurants and again, I despised the place but you just suck it up and do it. I graduated from UF and found I had to study to pass that written test so I don't think college has much to do with it.

    While I didn't like some of the people I worked with, I have got to give it to them, waiting there isn't easy